Subject fish
Predicate survive in
Object water
Modality Occurrences
TBC[frozen water] 1
TBC[water of low oxygen saturation] 1
TBC[survive in water] 1
TBC[cold water] 1
Plausibility 1.0000
Neighborhood Sigma 0.8968
Local Sigma 0.0572
Example Sentences
Sentence Occurrences Source
fish are able to survive in frozen water 1 Google Autocomplete
fish survive in water 4 Google Autocomplete
fishes survive in water 6 Google Autocomplete, Questions
fishes survive in water of low oxygen saturation 1 Yahoo Questions
fishes are adapted to survive in water 1 Questions
fishes survive in water when the surface is frozen and becomes ice 2 Questions
fishes survive in cold water rather than hot water 1 Questions