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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
human see light only, TBC[visible light], TBC[ultraviolet light] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8038 0.4940
human has_body_part toe TBC[opposable toes], TBC[pink toe], TBC[pink toes], still, TBC[individual toes] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7842 0.1336
human has_body_part eye TBC[yellow eyes], TBC[red eyes], TBC[reflective eyes], TBC[purple eyes], TBC[different colored eyes] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8632 0.0060
human eat meat TBC[raw meat], TBC[cooked meat] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9271 0.0167
human eat food TBC[spicy food], TBC[hot food], TBC[cooked food], TBC[raw food] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8961 0.0126
human grow hair TBC[pubic hair], TBC[facial hair] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8811 0.0436
human speak language TBC[so many languages], TBC[different languages], TBC[same language], some[subj/all], TBC[multiple languages] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8024 0.2859
human has_body_part skin TBC[oily skin], TBC[different colored skin], TBC[naked skin], TBC[soft skin], TBC[such weak skin], TBC[such thin skin], TBC[such tight skin] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8794 0.0072
human has_body_part teeth TBC[crooked teeth], TBC[canine teeth], TBC[deciduous teeth replaced with permanent teeth], TBC[different teeth for different reasons], TBC[sharp teeth], TBC[such bad teeth], TBC[such terrible teeth], TBC[bad teeth] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8827 0.0088
human has_body_part thumbs TBC[opposable thumbs], TBC[thumbs on their feet] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.5409 0.1137
human get worms some[subj/you], TBC[annelid worms] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8469 0.0435
human ask questions TBC[philosophical questions], TBC[dirty questions], TBC[so many questions] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8822 0.0463
human can fly POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8815 0.0030
human use energy TBC[nuclear energy], TBC[geothermal energy], TBC[solar energy], TBC[thermal energy] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8531 0.0250
human have horns TBC[uterine horns], TBC[short uterine horns] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8489 0.0231
human have body hair TBC[sparse body hair], still POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8788 0.2718
human have eye color TBC[different eye color], TBC[different eye colors], TBC[varying eye colors] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8363 0.3431
human has_trait selfish TBC[inherently selfish], TBC[so selfish], TBC[so naturally prideful] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7866 0.0679
human feel pain TBC[excruciating pain], TBC[pain for prolonged periods of time], still, TBC[such excruciating pain] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8106 0.0536
human have dna TBC[different dna], TBC[similar dna], TBC[neanderthal dna], some[subj/modern], TBC[double stranded dna] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8945 0.0625