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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
camel live in desert TBC[live in desert] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9809 0.0204
camel survive in desert TBC[survive in desert], TBC[long period] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9835 0.0171
camel have eyelashes TBC[long eyelashes], TBC[bushy eyebrows], TBC[big eyelashes], TBC[such long eyelashes] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7973 0.0978
camel has_body_part fur TBC[thick fur], TBC[sandy colored fur], TBC[brown fur], TBC[thin fur], TBC[light brown fur] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8927 0.0145
camel has_body_part teeth TBC[tough tongue], TBC[sharp teeth], TBC[canine teeth], TBC[tough teeth], TBC[strong teeth], TBC[big teeth], TBC[flat teeth], TBC[such tough teeth] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8827 0.0088
camel have hump TBC[humps on their back], TBC[humps for], TBC[different humps], TBC[big humps on their backs], TBC[big humps], TBC[humps on their backs], TBC[fat filled humps], TBC[flat wide feet], TBC[floppy humps] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8623 0.1085
camel has_body_part neck TBC[so long necks], TBC[long necks], TBC[long neck] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8479 0.0866
camel have nostrils TBC[large nostrils], TBC[flat hoofs], TBC[big nostrils], TBC[long nostrils], TBC[stretchy nostrils] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7127 0.1826
camel be called ship of desert often, sometimes POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7736 0.8954
camel be known as ship TBC[ships of desert], TBC[ship of desert] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8223 1.0000
camel have wide feet TBC[wide padded feet], TBC[large wide feet], TBC[flat wide feet] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8556 0.5747
camel has_body_part mouths TBC[leathery mouths], TBC[dry mouths], TBC[tough mouths], TBC[such tough teeth] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8221 0.1416
camel produce urine TBC[little sweat], TBC[concentrated urine], TBC[very little sweat] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8298 0.2174
camel have long neck TBC[so long necks] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8953 0.1422
camel has_body_part feet TBC[large flat feet], TBC[broad feet], TBC[wide feet], TBC[wide padded feet], TBC[large wide feet], TBC[large padded feet], TBC[large feet], TBC[big feet], TBC[flat feet], TBC[big broad feet], TBC[broader feet], TBC[fat feet], TBC[flat wide feet], TBC[long eyelashes], TBC[two toed feet], TBC[so big feet] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8672 0.0204
camel has_body_part legs TBC[long legs], TBC[skinny legs], TBC[long skinny legs] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9040 0.0162
camel be called ship TBC[ship of desert], sometimes, often, TBC[ship of desert wikipedia], TBC[ships of sea], TBC[ships of desert] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.8500 0.5957
camel survive in the heat POSITIVE 0.9997 0.8439 0.6664
camel manage to live in a town POSITIVE 0.9996 0.8006 1.0000
camel have thick wool on the back POSITIVE 0.9996 0.7133 1.0000