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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
australia has_property multicultural TBC[multicultural country], TBC[multicultural cuisine], TBC[multicultural nation] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7166 0.4351
australia has_temperature hot TBC[so hot], TBC[such hot country] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8638 0.0039
australia has_property rich TBC[so rich], TBC[such rich country], TBC[rich country] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8640 0.0069
australia has_weather dry TBC[so dry], TBC[very dry], TBC[such dry country] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8799 0.0073
australia have earthquakes still, TBC[many earthquakes] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8652 0.0526
australia has_property continent TBC[oldest continent], TBC[flattest continent], TBC[smallest continent], TBC[driest continent], TBC[such geologically stable continent] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8787 0.0754
australia have internet TBC[so slow], TBC[bad internet], TBC[slow internet], TBC[such slow internet], TBC[unlimited internet], TBC[good internet], TBC[such bad internet] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8599 0.1189
australia celebrate christmas POSITIVE 0.9998 0.8727 0.0081
australia has_property populated TBC[sparsely populated], TBC[less populated], TBC[densely populated], TBC[sparsely populated country], TBC[so populated], TBC[so sparsely populated] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.8586 0.0209
australia has_property ps POSITIVE 0.9998 0.8735 0.0315
australia has_property urbanized TBC[so urbanized] POSITIVE 0.9997 0.7388 0.9339
australia celebrate halloween POSITIVE 0.9996 0.7787 0.0445
australia has_property country TBC[underpopulated country], TBC[lucky country], TBC[best country], TBC[happiest country], TBC[such rich country], TBC[most obese country], TBC[developed country], TBC[multicultural country], TBC[free country], TBC[unlucky country], TBC[peaceful country], TBC[rich country], TBC[sparsely populated country], TBC[wealthy country], TBC[such beautiful country], TBC[such dry country], TBC[such hot country], TBC[fattest country], TBC[most polluted country], TBC[most polluting country], TBC[quite conservative country], TBC[such boring country] POSITIVE 0.9995 0.9198 0.0065
australia be called land TBC[land of golden fleece], TBC[land down under '], TBC[wide brown land], TBC[land of kangaroo] POSITIVE 0.9995 0.8858 0.0615
australia has_property bs POSITIVE 0.9994 0.8811 0.0189
australia has_property lucky TBC[lucky country], TBC[so lucky] POSITIVE 0.9992 0.8133 0.0074
australia has_property the best POSITIVE 0.9992 0.9611 0.0028
australia give aid TBC[foreign aid] POSITIVE 0.9990 0.7765 0.4346
australia be considered country TBC[multicultural country], TBC[lucky country], TBC[developed country] POSITIVE 0.9989 0.8759 0.1819
australia be used as british colony POSITIVE 0.9989 0.7738 1.0000