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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
athlete take steroids some[subj/these], some[subj/people /], some[subj/non] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8255 0.1804
athlete has_property role models TBC[good role models], TBC[bad role models], some[subj/professional] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9291 0.6434
athlete have heart attacks some[subj/young], some[subj/some], some[subj/healthy], some[subj/fit] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8555 0.1416
athlete need carbohydrates some[subj/endurance], TBC[more carbohydrates] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8558 0.1409
athlete wear tape TBC[kinetic tape], TBC[black tape], TBC[colored tape] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8413 0.2409
athlete make money TBC[too much money], TBC[so much money], TBC[less money], some[subj/female], some[subj/an olympic], TBC[so much goddamn money] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9100 0.0014
athlete get paid much TBC[paid too much], TBC[paid so much] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9107 0.4083
athlete have lung capacity TBC[better lung capacity], TBC[larger lung capacities], TBC[higher lung capacity], TBC[bigger lung capacity], TBC[larger lung capacity], TBC[greater lung capacity] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7797 0.5103
athlete be at risk TBC[risk of iron deficiency], TBC[risk for aphid], TBC[risk for sleep area] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8873 0.0262
athlete have low heart rate TBC[low resting heart rate] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8349 0.8888
athlete wear shoes TBC[different colored shoes], TBC[odd shoes], TBC[spiked shoes], TBC[bright shoes] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9188 0.0338
athlete get paid TBC[paid too much], TBC[paid so much], TBC[paid less], some[subj/female], some[subj/olympic], some[subj/professional] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.9029 0.0027
athlete have blood pressure TBC[low blood pressure], TBC[lower blood pressure], TBC[high blood pressure] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8850 0.4278
athlete need iron TBC[more iron], some[subj/female] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8847 0.1017
athlete have lower heart rate TBC[lower resting heart rate], TBC[lower resting heart rates] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8532 1.0000
athlete be from russia some[subj/olympic], TBC[russia called], TBC[russia in olympics] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9351 0.8536
athlete make much money TBC[too much money], TBC[so much money], TBC[so much goddamn money] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9143 0.2512
athlete use steroids POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8643 0.2280
athlete has_body_part skin TBC[clear skin], TBC[good skin], TBC[nice skin] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8794 0.0072
athlete wear black some[subj/new zeal and], TBC[one eye black], TBC[eye black] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.9433 0.0129