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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
man love woman TBC[big black wide hipped women], TBC[pregnant women], TBC[sexy women], TBC[women besides sex], TBC[small women] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7684 0.6523
man want woman TBC[perfect woman], only, always, TBC[american woman], TBC[weak women], TBC[anorexic looking women], TBC[younger less experienced women] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7866 1.0000
man be afraid of woman TBC[strong independent women], TBC[smart women], TBC[professional women], TBC[emancipated women], TBC[women in anise], TBC[healthy women] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8242 1.0000
man look at woman constantly, TBC[other women], TBC[pretty women], always, TBC[women from head to toe] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7530 1.0000
man be better than woman TBC[women in soccer], TBC[woman at cooking], TBC[women at everything] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8710 0.5853
man cheat on woman TBC[faithful women], always, TBC[perfectly respectable good women], TBC[good women], TBC[beautiful women with ugly women], TBC[perfectly good women] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.7754 1.0000
man feel about woman TBC[women making], TBC[woman wearing very often], TBC[woman with wild side], TBC[women with grain hair], TBC[women with braces], TBC[tall women], TBC[sexually aggressive women], TBC[grown women living at home], TBC[women saying], TBC[introverted women], TBC[endowed women], TBC[women with hemorrhoids], TBC[women with force spots], TBC[black women], TBC[taller women] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8286 0.5000
guy feel about woman TBC[tall women], TBC[aggressive women], TBC[women wearing] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8286 0.5000
man need woman always, TBC[always women], TBC[good looking woman] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.7375 1.0000
wonder has_property woman NEGATIVE 0.9999 0.8680 0.0697
man be intimidated by woman TBC[bigger women], TBC[intelligent woman], TBC[very attractive women], TBC[beautiful women], TBC[women wanting] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.7553 1.0000
sex be with woman TBC[asian women], TBC[women great], TBC[very old woman], TBC[woman under influence rape], TBC[older women so incredibly intense], TBC[pregnant woman so good], TBC[pregnant woman best], TBC[women of different races] POSITIVE 0.9998 0.9163 0.5057
hurricane be named after woman some[subj/every], generally, only, TBC[only women back then], sometimes, always POSITIVE 0.9996 0.8284 0.9601
man use woman POSITIVE 0.9961 0.7359 1.0000
man hate woman TBC[fat woman], TBC[fat women] POSITIVE 0.9958 0.7910 0.6659
man be with woman TBC[american women], TBC[attractive woman] POSITIVE 0.9774 0.9163 0.4943
man bite woman POSITIVE 0.9697 0.7651 1.0000
statue be designed as woman POSITIVE 0.9671 0.7637 1.0000
wonder has_property woman POSITIVE 0.9663 0.8731 0.0674
ringing has_property woman NEGATIVE 0.9615 0.8731 0.0670