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Subject Predicate Object Modality Polarity Plausibility Neighborhood Sigma Local Sigma Inspect
scientist has_property able TBC[center of earth], TBC[interior of earth], TBC[jurassic period], TBC[appearance of comets], TBC[permian period] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8287 0.0101
carbon has_property able TBC[so many compounds], TBC[large complex molecules], TBC[so many molecules], TBC[macro molecules], TBC[4 bivalent bonds], TBC[immense diversity of organic molecules], TBC[four bivalent with other atoms], TBC[four bivalent bonds] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8287 0.0101
human has_property able only, TBC[small percentage], TBC[excruciating pain], TBC[morbidly obese], TBC[cool air] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8287 0.0101
rome be able TBC[large empire], TBC[mediterranean world], TBC[control of italian peninsula], TBC[long-term empire], TBC[vast empire], TBC[all of europe], TBC[all of italy], TBC[easily able] POSITIVE 1.0000 0.8287 0.0101
cortes be able TBC[aztec empire], TBC[large army of natives], TBC[help of tlaxcala peoples], TBC[finally able], TBC[aztec capital], TBC[powerful aztecs], TBC[aztec capital tenochtitlan] POSITIVE 0.9999 0.8287 0.0101
scientist be able TBC[type of radioactive isotope responsible for radioactivity], TBC[epicenter of earthquake], TBC[big bang theory], TBC[wreck of titanic], TBC[extinct species] POSITIVE 0.9996 0.8287 0.0101
hitler be able TBC[dictator of germany], TBC[so many countries], TBC[western europe], TBC[his plan], TBC[so much power], TBC[support from germany], TBC[constitution of germany], TBC[11 million jews], TBC[his plan murder], TBC[control of czechoslovakia], TBC[battle of france], TBC[soviet union], TBC[world war 2] POSITIVE 0.9991 0.8287 0.0101
animal has_property able TBC[raw meat], TBC[dirty water] POSITIVE 0.9990 0.8287 0.0101
resid be reside able NEGATIVE 0.9980 0.7764 1.0000
human be able TBC[owl pellets], TBC[laws for space], TBC[so much plasma] POSITIVE 0.9953 0.8287 0.0101
henry ford be able TBC[sale price of model t], TBC[cost producing], TBC[thee price of model t], TBC[price of model t], TBC[sale prince of model t] POSITIVE 0.9933 0.8287 0.0101
mendeleev be able TBC[discovery of unknown elements], TBC[yet undiscovered elements], TBC[undiscovered elements], TBC[his periodic table] POSITIVE 0.9905 0.8287 0.0100
china be able TBC[two basic belief systemsconfucianism], TBC[two different basic belief systems confucianism], TBC[foreign invasion], TBC[such generous wages], TBC[its currency] POSITIVE 0.9826 0.8287 0.0100
spain be able TBC[early civilizations of americas], TBC[control of inca empire], TBC[most of new world], TBC[so much of new world] POSITIVE 0.9820 0.8310 0.0100
goat has_property able POSITIVE 0.9795 0.8310 0.0099
parrot has_property able POSITIVE 0.9670 0.8310 0.0098
legend has_property able NEGATIVE 0.9627 0.8310 0.0098
speaker has_property able NEGATIVE 0.9538 0.8310 0.0097
friend has_property able NEGATIVE 0.9509 0.8310 0.0096
planet has_property able NEGATIVE 0.9507 0.8310 0.0096